I hope you slept well in your quarters last night

I know it’s not quite what everyone makes it up to be, but we try to uphold an image


I hope morning supper served you well

You’ll need a good amount of energy for the day ahead


Good sir, your post on board is up there, in the roost

Seeing as though you were found at sea, you will see well over it


As for you Madamoiselle, you will be my first hand lady

You will be my eyes, my intuition, my shadow


I know this puts you two in a predicament but you must understand, good sir

If I allow a woman to run around on board a pirate ship, she wouldn’t make it a second day


Also, being the captain, I must be alpha, and the alpha always has the woman


It’s a control thing


Not only will it be good to have a woman’s opinion on certain matters, but more importantly

It will keep both her, you, and all my men out of trouble, if she be just by my side


You, though, run up into your roost and keep a strong watch out

You never know what you may find on a beautiful day like today


There is no lunch supper on this ship, only night supper

After night supper, you’ll be switched out at watch


If you have any questions, ask anyone


If you have any concerns

Keep them to yourself


See you at supper


I always eat with my men

At night supper