How far it too far?
How hard is too hard?
How long is too long
Until enough is enough?

Get bent for years
Before finally broken in two
Deformed, contorted
Resorting to a new way of defying gravity
Gratefully taking what I’ve got
Turning it into what I want

Hit me with your best shot

God knows you’ve got nothing to say
When it’s just you and me and God’s good grace
In-between our two faces, feet to the pavement
No resentment for the past, just
My eyes on the prize, fighting for my life

I see your mouth move
But hear nothing come out
I’ve seen balloons float into the sky
But’ve never seen anything come down

Oh, where’s my piece of the pie?
When’s my day coming?
How will I know when to run, stand, or rise?
I guess I’ve got to trial and error
Fall first, do better
It’s all about learning how to dress for any weather
In the same skin we were born in

How far?
How hard?
How long
Is too much?

Death or glory
There’s one story
And only one story
Told at day’s end
Flag soaring

Stand your ground

Only you
Can bend
Your own

~ Jason Brain, 2013