iWrite: Words & Voices (2014)


Words & Voices

by Jason Brain, C.R. Cohen, & Sean Hill
Poetry In Motion Publishing House


128pgs, Paperback



- - -

When’s the last time you wrote a poem? What if going an hour without poetry on your mind led to slight madness? Such is the life of a poet. That is why we write.

iWrite: Words & Voices is a discussion amongst poets on poetry. A collaborative chapbook studying the writing journey, iWrite is a peek into the personal processes of three Los Angeles-based poets and creative arts advocates: Jason Brain, Chelsea Cohen, and Sean Hill.

A unique blend of insights, musings, and memories on the subject of language, creativity, and motivation, iWrite speaks to everyone who has something to say, whether written down or spoken aloud.

Chapbooks included:
iWrite (collaborative)
Singing in a Thunderstorm by C.R. Cohen
Thoughts of a Lost Dreamer by Jason Brain
Love is/in Life by Sean Hill