Where were you
When they cut off our ears?

When they woke us with twilight
Then stole our silence?

Tell me, what happens to us when sirens surround?

All I hear is someone yelling in my ear
And all I see is someone stopping my being

Trying to find a way out of today
Who knows, maybe sometime soon
We’ll find another place

Then enough just barely became too much

They zipped our lips
They broke our hips

They said now sit down now
But no sir
I don’t sir

They sold us love
They blackened doves

They said now stay down now
But no sir
I won’t sir

They may try to stop us now, but
Nothing will ever stop us from the start
We rise by lightening and fall like paradigms

This may not be our year, but we’re patient
There’s just no more time

Where will you be when we get together to tear it all apart?

When we say our say, all day, everyday, in our own unique way?

Tell me
What happens to us when it’s our sound that surrounds?

Isn’t it about time we found out
Right now?

~ Jason Brain

When Sirens Surround