Dance in the intersection
Set fire to the pool of eternal youth
Disguise yourself amongst friends
Then rue the universe

Pour sunshine to the brim
Wipe the night’s caffeine from your eyes
Water the garden of your dreams
And weed out all the desires

Tweet your life’s story 140 characters a minute
Post Facebook updates to your tombstone from the grave
Take a moment and walk in the shoes of a deep breath
Then, desire absolutely everything at once in an instant

Find yourself within yourself once in a while
Fight yourself outside yourself more often
Disregard everything anyone ever said about you
And pay no mind to any thought too unkind

Be your own boss and let yourself go
Downsize your closet to only executive-casual
Outsource your poor habits to countries across the world
But never forget you worked in the mailroom at first

It all begins when you take a chance
Look both ways before you dance
In the intersection of life
And death

You only get this

A moment

A breath