(From my upcoming book, “Mix Tape Collection II: Songs In The Key Of Revolution”)

It’s the beginning of the end of the world as we know it

Only one generation’s left to survive
Living off water, food, interaction, breath
Stimuli, waste, reproduction, and death

Soul bleeding badly
Heart still beating
Alone, alive, awake, and
Delirious feeling lost

Beware: Dreams in this dimension
Ensue no such things

None becomes one, two, many, more, and eventually
Sanity evolves into re-reality, recording life happening live
Like sheep herding, wake walking
It’s all about who you know
Space and time

Until curiosities fine touch reaches
Through the clouds and all those branches
Between each breath and every other heartbeat
Creating dreams so concrete, one could live off of them
Giving nightmares new life to bid all in on

Are you in?

Let’s begin

And so it goes
On and on, and
On and on

– Jason Brain, 2013