The Me Now


If the me now

And the me 10 years ago met

I’d beat the shit out of

10 years ago me


If the me now

And the me 20 years ago met

The younger me

Would fucking kill

The me now

In a heartbeat


Wouldn’t even be a fair fight



How photos resemble

Biological, chronological

Evolution over the years


The mind creates being-ness

Only once bearing semblance

Of Innocence, so appealing


It’s not funny really

It’s honest honestly

It’s the truth, the whole truth

And all according to who?


Memories, so fallible

One can taste their credibility


If the me now

And the semen me met

I don’t even think I’d want to know

What would happen


It’d probably come down

To a bit of dumb luck


That is how I got here


Then and now


Just a fuck