*”Tease” was recently published in Poetry In Motion Publishing House‘s 1st anthology, “Poems To F*ck To”*

Cross your legs
No need to get headlong

Quiet glances whisper
More than sweet nothings

Our glances desire
More than human flesh
Our lives need
More than oxygen
At best

We want to know goose bumps
The tingle of neck hairs rising
No one wants to die
Without passion

We crave seduction
O.G. romantics

Overcome by eyes
Silent and sensuous
Caught up in memories
Of half-bitten lips
And half-smitten quips

I’m reminded
I am only man
Animal evolved


I’m balancing states of being
Like the intentions of a yogi

Excuse me
If I’m being facetious

I’m misunderstood
Other times
I’m just being me

Cross those legs, honey
I’m a married man

Nothing to see here

Within reach

– Jason Brain, 2015