Micro and macro
To the core of our presence
Know what you want
And revolt

Bring the world to her knees
Release peace and understanding
Through action, non-action
Whatever passion you fashion
In music, love, or dance
Whatever, just

How many times have you died in thie life, so far?
Not enough, maybe?
I don’t know

It’s a beautiful thing
When you take this moment
In your own hands
And shape it, change it
Bring it harmony with each breath
That lies within your soul


No one told you
It’s a necessary part of life
Because everyone’s got their own eyes on the prize


No time like the no-time
To find out what it tastes like
The consequence of such action fantastic

Weave the fabric of light into your skin

Don’t wait until it’s too late
You have a date with destiny


~ Jason Brain, 2013