Stay sane

It’s just another
Breath away

Keep up

You’re just another
Fingertip from
The crown
Kingdoms await
As concrete as clouds
Gates open in your name
As long as the rent gets paid

Stay sane

Keep control
Creating nothing
From anything

It’s just another
Breath away

Like fiberglass
To flight

Like aluminum
To high fructose corn syrup

It’s tough staying sane
In a world
Getting worse
By the day

Truly an undertaking
For only the brave
Fighting, striving
To stay sane

Where normal is
Becoming zombie
I think I would
Rather remain

If I can tell myself so
I know it’s going
To be all right

Only schizophrenics
Can’t comprehend

I know the voices
In my head are real
There’s a difference

I have this funny feeling
I know it’s going to be
All right

Make sane