*From the upcoming 2014 poetry release, Mix Tape Collection II: Songs in the Key of Revolution


Remember when you held your mothers hand
Yearning to dance un-tethered in the intersection?

Stop now child, and dance
This may just be your last chance
Before some illicit says it ain’t alright

Sidewalk’s littered with desolation, absolutely no nothing
Yet everyone keeps on moving along headstrong
Fearing we might meet up, get caught up
Like deer frozen in eye-sight

Only poor souls roam the concrete lining these streets
Pot-holes nobody knows, nor do they care to
Children find sleep beneath halogen dreams
A much brighter twilight

Living in a history built up between pride and might
Witnessed by those who see shadows beneath the light
Written by those bargaining fossils for fuel in broad daylight

Empty are our thoughts, like the sidewalks
Like our souls, the rules, like our control
Stop the static and pause the propagandic panic
The nightly news will always tell us everything’s alright

When the dawn arrives, awaken, be ready, and set forth
For nothing here comes as easy as they say it does

We are
We are
We are rising

We are

– Jason Brain