Cold as a mountain in winter
Her love has fallen quiet
Speaks of no desire, lest fire
A ring was all her heart conspired

Though warmth is hard to come by
I sit idly by, hope for a pyre, but
Alas, she can’t muster more than a pitance
I freeze now, land locked to her finger
A legal agreement of love

Silent, I simply smile along
Now even this effort has gone too strong
Without reciprocation

During tough times in my mind
I seek the sunshine; warmth and optimism
Never can you look down on the sun
Whether it rises or falls on you completely

I seek harmony within myself, without myself
She seeks not
I see the fire in the eyes of others now
She is cold

Poets are made of more than love, hate, and grace
I sit in silence, my mind passionately writing
While she sits sedate, finding the next great reality show
With which to waste my life away

I shall waste without you
Without myself either

Cold as the mountain
I burn, baby

I burn