Dear boys and girls
I am is are was were once before
And if you do one thing in your one life
Do remember this

Be beautiful
Be everything you are
Be everything you were
Be everything you’ve become
Be everything you want
Be everything you need
Be lovely and delightful
Be anyone and everyone
Be someone’s something
Be someone’s worst nightmare
Be anything
Be unexpected
Be cliché
Be spot on it
Be sinful
Be saintly
Be just because
Be love
Be yes
Be no
Be maybe
Be ‘I don’t know’
Be black and white
Be every shade of gray
Be for this moment
Be on time
Be early
Be alert
Be attentive
Be breathing
Be quiet
Be silent
Be resilient
Be resounding
Be strong
Be malleable
Be dead and alive
Be positive
Be negativity
Be balance
Be each breath
Be the blood that bleeds
Be a believer
Be a deceiver
Be whatever it is that makes you be
Be another

In the end, relativity reiterates that you are not me
And we aught to each live as we damn well please

Now if one side would lower their swords
And if the other would raise their words
And if everyone would close their eyes
And hold their breaths
For one long withheld moment
Letting forget
Beings do turn into have-beens
All may come together
Simply just
To be


– Jason Brain