My new ride
She’s easy on the eyes
Drives like a dream
Screams every time she’s dancing
Beneath me
Gives me the time of her life
Without a moment’s notice
I could care less
I’m giving her my best
Because when you’ve got one with
Her tight writing action
No way you’re going to turn down
That kind of passion

When a one night stand’s
All she has planned
I become a sucker for
Waxing poetic with enlightenment
Inside her highest limits are wishes
No mortal man can interpret
Searching the world for the perfect verbs
The perfect girl
When she’s right in front of your eyes
Deciding to which God to wish

Her engine’s cleaner
Than an emergency room
Where I keep finding myself
Needed resuscitation
Because the way this girl rides
Brings mortal men to fear
Weary of their pre-existing conditions
And her lack of life
She could ride my nights until
They’re left with no starlight

I could only wish
Everyone could understand such bliss
Ever since I lay my finger
Upon her skin
I know where I have
Wanted to be
Since this life left

Lay your lips on me
Sweet Miss
Let’s ride into
The moonlight
Maybe give the sun
To sleep tight

Let me know

~ Jason brain, 2013