Just one week left to reach my goal of 100 poems!!! It’s getting close. I’m proud to say that with only 6 days left of writing days left, I have crossed the 3/4ths mark and am prepared for a showdown with my keyboard and notebook every day to get there.

Spread the word of my attempt at 100 poems in 30 days for NaPoWriMo. There’s poetry inside all of us and I hope that you take the time to write a little poem every so often. Something from the heart. Just because.

Enjoy the new poems!


Thursday night
Is the new Friday

Fuck Fridays
Fuck Monday through Wednesday
Thursdays are my jam

Can’t take the energy away from me
More than caffeine, electricity

Thursdays are my reason
For not giving up


First, it’s fingers and toes
Then, it’s sitting up and staying
Next, it’s crawling and walking
Followed by noises into talking
Until we’re a full fledged person

Then, it’s sit still and raise your hand
Get in line and stop all that dancing
How are your grades doing?
What do you want to do with your life?
Which college are you going to go to?
Do you have enough extra-curriculars?

GPAs and credit ratings
Student debt and mortgage rates
IQs and term life insurance
Friends on Facebook and cholesterol levels

If it’s not one thing
It’s another

It starts early
Quantifiable until death

What’s the value of a personality?
Do you have enough data?


Rampage the paper
Write your spirit out in blood
Leave no drop behind
No intention un-typed
No passion snuffed
No poetics blind

Rampage the paper
Like this was a choice
To become poetry
And accept inspiration
At a moments notice

Rampage the paper
Defile every square-nanometer
With your brand of madness
Intoxicated muses

Rampage the paper
Destroy yourself in the process
With every word you decry, find no silence

Rampage the paper
Like it’s your last chance to breathe meaning

Rampage the paper
Before the page
Destroys you


One Earth Day per year
Forgotten tomorrow. Where?
Planet B? Good luck


Clouds break
Wednesday afternoon
Sun blankets body
I find my heart sun cut open
Break through the fog
Warm the edges of my insides
Return me to love
Back when I was only two
Pieces of peace
Another cloud breaking
On concrete


One massage daily

Full body, with oils
For 15 minutes
Scalp to sole

I dare you
To make this habit
Your own

Let it absorb into you
Treat yourself to meditation
Run your palms and fingers over curve and crevice
Make self love about you again

I dare you
To love yourself
Again and again
Every day

No more body wash
No more pre-shave oils
No more lotions

My skin is finally free
Thanks to the addition
Of oils massaged
All over me


The DMV isn’t inherently evil
It’s how we make them out to be

The system has failed the Department of Motor Vehicles
The DMV is not responsible (completely)

We all drive the same roads
Time we stood in line together, too
Just to get our license renewed

Next time they take your eye exam

The employees of the system
Of our Department of Motor Vehicles
Could use it, don’t you think?


Fuck the wicked
No rest for the blessed

You try keeping peace
With the entire world going nuts
Focused on the fragility of trust

What’s going on?

I look around
At the heart rates racing
In the cages of chests
Beating the bars
With breaths let loose

And I take solace knowing
My heart doesn’t run on blood fumes
To make some noise, rattling chains

I trained my breaths to solicit
Only passion and inspiration
Of the highest levels of light

Fuck the wicked
They’ve got nothing
On me breathing