Here’s the next big batch of poems I’ve written over the last few days. End of the month is right around the corner and I need to catch up to reach my goal. Let me know what you think of the poetry! And if you have any topics you’d like me to write about before the end, I can use any suggestions you’ve got.


I’m going to miss you when you’re gone

Every day you disappear just a little more

Impossible to capture your innocent radiance

It’s a disease we’re all born with, little lady

One can only hope to get better with age


Where did we learn so wrong?

Being taught subconsciously that tension will keep us safe
To store away as much stress in your shoulders
As a squirrel stashes nuts in its cheeks
Just for safe keeping

When, in between birth and infancy
Infancy and adolescence, adulthood
Did we gather so much strain
We were able to tuck a few ounces
In every square inch of muscle memory

Release your chest
Relax your hips
Find every little unease
And open it up , find out
What’s inside every square inch
Of your muscle being

Drink some water
Exhale like you mean it
There’s no reason to walk around
Like life has got you drowning
Above ground

Gravity’s the same for everyone
At the same elevation

Well, that it
Relatively feeling

Take a deep breath
The weight of the world is underneath your feet
Not above your head

Shake it out

You got this moment

Why so tense?

Forget that business


The never-ending adventure continues
With every cave I enter, a new world awaits
The closer I get to my solar plexus sun
The further I find myself from my home planet

It’s a risk I’m willing to take
Every day I wake up

I will not criticize myself
If I burn up in search for myself

We’re only given one mission
With our 1st breath

Each it their own

Rarely foretold


Bring me back
Smells like family spirit
Impressions left long ago
Of memories innocence holds

I can still see my grandparents
In Encino, like I’m still that little boy
Every time I enter the extra bedroom at my aunts
Full of furniture and mementos long since finding use, now nostalgia

The scent
In the woods and hollows
Brings me back
Faster than a photo

Every sense at my mind’s disposal
My nose is quick to be the 1st to follow


He will crumble, she
Will rise, overcome, outshine
Man’s attempt at time
Measure us human


Let’s finally speak the same language
Intertwine our tongues fluently

If I can’t understand you
And you can’t understand me
We’re just running in circles
Going nowhere

What gives?

Feels like that’s been the past 7 years
Time to align our translations

It’s been so long
How did we ever get by?
Thankfully, we bisected the fires
Found love to be the key
Passion, the glue

When we speak each other’s language
Understand each others pleasure
Completely, safely

Our hearts and minds will meet in union
Let’s not talk, let’s commune

The words may be different to each of us, but
Our intentions would translate
Like time-honored wisdom

Let’s not fuck around
Let’s make love


What’s that smell?

I’m walking down the boulevard
Picking up from the local Trader Joes
(Yes, I live close enough to walk (fuck their parking))
When I smell fresh greens exhaled nearby

I look at my sundial
It’s not April 20th
Nor is it 4:20 pm or am
But April 21st

And then I imagine a world
Where Trader Joe’s carries joints at the checkout
And if you bring your own reusable bags, you receive a dime
I see half ounces near the coffee and tea
And peace in their parking lots

I smell bud again
Reach into my pocket quickly
Find my vaporizer on

It does that sometimes

No time like now
To inhale


So small

We’re ants
To satellites

How do some
Get so caught up
Within themselves
To not see past
Their eyes

Look up
And smile

We are not


When I want it
I want it now

Passion doesn’t wait
Never lets anything stop it
No obstacle too large
No impulse too insignificant

When I want it
I’ll let you know

I want it now
When I want you

Intoxicate me
Upon contact

A constant high
My ceaseless desires


More people walk in LA
Than rain drops fall

Bitter dry reality
When you live in an irrigated desert city

So everyone buys their bottled water drinks
Commute their daily hour to work, get burnt
Turn around, pray for spring showers
Anything at this point

Au natural
Not man made

People keep walking around like everything’s the same
Like chemtrails and weather modification don’t exist
Like there isn’t someone vying to dilute our brainwaves

Oh where, oh where
Have all the real clouds gone

Oh where, oh where
Have the real clouds gone

Oh when, oh when
Will we stop walking
And stand strong


Sports winter is coming

The lull between NBA and NHL post-season
And NFL pre-season is near

When we’re stuck with MLB
For the rest of summer

It’s getting cold in the spring

Unless your team is vying
There may not be much left
Until the next Olympics

Settle in
Grab your glove
Make the most of our pastime

Winter is coming to the summertime

You’re either on the bench
Or all in

Your ball


Last time I checked
If you’re neighbors want to snoop
Start giving them a show

If they don’t like the show
They won’t come back

If they start showing up more
Charge for admission