How’s it going party people!? I’ve been a little busy and unable to post all the poems I’ve written since the last post I published, but here we go. Mega #NaPoWriMo website post time!  In case you haven’t noticed, I’m a little behind my goal of 100 poems in one month but I’m staying close and ready to finish strong.  And now?  Here’s your heaping dose of new poetry. (Oh, and happy 4/20!)


When I grow up
I want to be a child again

Not a baby or a toddler
But maybe
In between adolescence
And teenager

Less of the hormones
More of the reasoning

All I know (now)
Is the last thing I want to be
When I grow up
Is an adult

Everyone can do that

I want to take a stab
At growing back


I enter the bar

1st drink
Jameson, neat
Fast as I can

2nd drink
Rolling Rock
2nd cheapest beer they got

3rd drink
Your eyes
Like a deer in headlights

Your voice
Who knew there was a part of you
Sexier than you

My song
The song of a long time coming
Of a man seeking more than love
Who will go back to a tiring home
Mentally, emotionally, physically

My imagination
Where we make love, not sex
On the pool table, on the stage
At your place until sunrise
Why not?

7th drink
Bitter reality
With a side shot of Jameson
Something to wake me up
Before I go home

Time to close my tab
8th drink



The last bit of silence, Bukowski quiet
When no one knows my name, only face
And I’m just another Thursday night fuck
Singing some songs at my favorite dive

It’s the time for that special silence
Double shot of Bukowski violence
When everyone you know is gone, left
That’s the time to write

In the darkest corners of the room
As long as you’re near your strongest drink

What’s the matter?
No one knows your name

Sing up, babe

You’ve been here
Since sunset

Give us a taste


Double espresso for breakfast
Double espresso for lunch
Double espresso for dinner
Double espresso for dessert, too
If I’m good

I’m slowly roasting
Into more caffeine
Than man

Late nights and early mornings
Require more than a healthy meal

I need a chemical reaction
I can feel


So what
Love to sing!

Can you blame me?
We’re dancing

In and out of danger

Karma creates fate


What’s the excuse tonight?

You haven’t shaved?
Haven’t showered?
Ate Mexican food?
Or how about this classic …
You’re tired?

What’s it tonight?

Not feeling it?
Too hot out?
Too cold?
I haven’t shaved today?

What’s up tonight?

I’m guessing not me

Who gives a fuck, right?
Except the lame

Tell me
What’s your excuse tonight

I’m all ears burning, and
You’re just words


Present yourself to me
Adonis, Aphrodite

I need to know
You still find me

Everything I used to do to you
Maybe that’s just history, now

Your body bounces and flickers
Beautiful like a candle flame
For once bear your bare body
Before me, only for me, love

I need to know
You’d still fuck me
Make love to me

Not that you can’t
But would

In dreams or reality
I need to know our spark
Isn’t only in my eyes

No formalities

Give yourself to me

Be my fantasy

No one needs to know
How we unwrap each other
In ecstasy


Is it bad
That sometimes
I imagine life
Without you?

Not that we’re
Not together
No, I imagine
You dead

Is that bad?
Perfectly normal?

Either way
I’d rather you


We’re all here
For the same reason

We need love
More specifically…
We need sex

We’d still be sleeping
Early Saturday morning

There’s nothing, though
We’d be willing to wake up for more
Than love making, or at least
Talk about lust

We’re all here
For one reason

Ignite our passion

Don’t hold back
Ask every question
Interact with strangers
Have fun

That’s why you decided to show up in the 1st place

Learn about your love
Burn your loins brighter


Something you don’t see everyday …
A line in the men’s room

When you’ve got to go
You gotta go

Sorry gents
This sink’s taken


Speak no words
Keep eyes open
Clench your fists
And relax

How do you feel?

We need no voices
No dreamscapes
Courage waits dormant
And jump

And now?

How do you feel?




Four-twenty tomorrow

You know what that means

All the wanna-bes toke
Coughing up lost laughter

All the stoners joke around
Carrying along, as usual

Just another day
In paradise


Dance out loud
Let your essence be free

As long as there’s music on
There’s no time like now

Our bodies were made for pleasure
Every cell deserves to taste passion

Shake your hips
Whip your arms
Swing your partner
Move those legs

There’s a party
Inside every one

When the music’s hot
Don’t hold back

Release yourself
From the shackles
Of daily life

There’s more to being human
Than flesh and love

Unleash your spirit
With every extremity
You’re wielding