As you may noticed, I haven’t been posting as frequently (esp. the weekends).  But that doesn’t mean I haven’t been writing.  Though I’ve fallen a little behind in my #NaPoWriMo pursuit of 100 poems in 30 days, I have no doubt I will come back strong. As I’ve been telling everyone, it’s not difficult writing these poems, it’s difficult finishing them.  Below an accumulation of many poems I’ve finished over the last few days.  More to come.


Peel yourself away

So many layers of being
So little human

Before the physical
Before the emotional
Before the mental
Before the spiritual
Where do you begin?

States of being
Planes of existence
In every fabric
Of your cosmic bodies

We are more
Than we appear
To believe


Eyes closed
Mind readied
Posture upright
Breathing even

Sinking deeper down
Further into myself
Darker than lifelessness
Shining with starlight

Senses hushed
Thoughts unleashed
Muscles released
Breathing deeper

Paradise lost, found
Defying logics laws
Space-time collapses
Into gravity’s heartbeat

Quiet smile
Silent exile

I am here
I am not


The difference isn’t how much you drink
It’s how far you have to travel back to bed
And your master plan to get back there

Are you dodging speed traps, or
A few toys left on the play mat

Huge difference

There’s a disease in you
Treat her with such respect

Sweet dreams
Get to bed, sleepy head

Don’t worry
You wake up again tomorrow morning
We’ll dance one more round
Tomorrow night

Cheers to that


God damn if this dive bar
Wouldn’t look better
If everyone weren’t
Wearing clothes

Just saying

Against your religion?
Your comfort system?
Fuck it, suck it up

I’m saying it

Let’s live naked
Bear our own brand
Control ourselves
Our hormonal selves
And celebrate ourselves
Our beautiful selves
Not in remembrance
But in deliverance

What do you say?

Wouldn’t it be heaven
Here in this dive bar
Right here, tonight
If everyone weren’t
Wearing their clothes

How much closer we strangers would become
I’d drink to that

God damn
Let’s bear the weight
Of nakedness

No more clothes!
No more clothes!
No more clothes!

As long as it’s not too cold


Feels like it never ends
But that’s the bittersweet reality
Isn’t it?

Marriage is supposed to feel like punishment
There’s no reason to rush the rest of the end of your life
With just one question

Not only is it part of your soul you’re leaving behind
It’s legally binding, as well

Don’t get married

As a matter of fact
Do yourself a favor
And never fall in love

It never has to end
Your sanity

Sometimes she’s a blessing
Sometimes she’s my demise

I don’t often blame anyone but me
But, lately, she’s my misery

And she doesn’t feel any need
To do anything about me


Same shit
Different discussion

She don’t give a fuck
Cuz she don’t like to fuck

And there I am, dynamite
With no spark in the nest

But she’s “tired” is all I get
“Not tonight,” instead

Same shit
Different discussion

A whole lot of trying
For a whole lot of nothing

How about this …
You go ahead and you live
With no loving
Until death


If I’m not getting fucked tonight
I’m getting poetry in my blood

That’s how we poets rock
And roll, and write

In the sheets
In the pages

It’s one or the other
Never in between


When the poetry
Solicits breasts exposed, snaps
You’re doing it right


I turn 30 soon
In two-weeks, soon
As much as I look forward to it
I can’t help recognize all the warning signs
Of uncertain unhappiness
Like, engagement
All the negativity from everybody
Wisdom I ignored with optimistic stubbornness
I still think back on this these days
And think of how miserable I am
Stuck in my own damn rut
Looking forward to my 30th birthday
Who the FUCK looks forward to their 30th birthday!?
ME, damnit!!!
I’m only getting better
I can only imagine how great 40 will be
On my current tantric trajectory
Who’s to stop me?!
No one but myself, that’s who
Don’t get in my way
I may just fuck you, too
I turn 30 soon
And that’s an incredible feat
In my book


Just because
I’m a parent
Doesn’t mean
I can’t kick back
And enjoy the show
Every so often

I don’t like
Having to tell
A curious mind
‘No’ and ‘stop’
All the time

Sometimes, it’s nice
To kick back
And watch your child
Get lost, fall down
Within reason

I am still her parent, after all

But just because
I’m a parent
Doesn’t mean
I can’t have a little fun
From safe distance


When I die
I expect
To be reincarnated
As a notebook

It’s only fair
After all the suffering
I’ve put my best notebooks through

This fate is not up to me
To decide

Who’s to judge
The unwritten?