EXTRA! EXTRA! Read all about it! I’m writing 100 poems in the 30 days of April (National Poetry Month) and am blogging the entire experience. By the end of this month there will be 100-new-freakin-poems here. Read one or read them all. Please just keep the spirit of poetry alive. You know there’s a little poet inside your chest. Maybe write a poem, too! Why not! #NaPoWriMo


Wonder wandering
Teetering along
Like toddlers will do
So cute

No idea the leaps
In bounds her mind
And body make daily

She couldn’t even sit up
For the longest time
Now she won’t sit still
For nothing all the while

The world is hers
For the taking in

Life lessons to learn
Synaptic bridges to burn

The world is hers
A little bit more every day
But, please, don’t tell her this truth
Wouldn’t want her innocence
Running away


You’ve got to make everyone
In the bar
Self conscious
Busting out the notebook and pen
And acting all weird
During karaoke
In this dive
You’re the only poet in the fucking world
Who likes to drink, dance, and sing
Before and after he writes
What the fuck
Let loose
You only live every breath
Ceaselessly caressing your existence
Once forever
Inhales and exhales
Into infinitum
You’ve just gotta
Write what’s on your mind
All the time
Inspiration waits
For no one


I’m not an ass man
Or a tittie man

I’m a woman-man
Full body fanaticism

No fucking that up
Unless you’re hung

Good luck