HAVE YOU HEARD!? I ‘m currently writing 100 poems in 30 days for the month of April, also known as National Poetry Writing Month, or #‎NaPoWriMo‬. Please take a moment to read my poetry, share your thoughts, and share my work! I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

The Perfect Day

Wake up naked
Lie in bed for five minutes
Drink water
Oil swish
Brush Teeth
Essential oil rinse
Get dressed (finally)
1st coffee
2nd coffee
Eat something
No time for nap
Afternoon sex
Write poetry
Play sports
Vapor marijuana
Crack a beer
Eat dinner
Go for a walk
Drink wine
Vape more
Night yoga
Talk philosophy
Drink whiskey
Night sex
Give thanks
Sleep naked


She says
“You have beautiful eyes”

I reply
“All depends on what they’re looking at”

She laughs

I blink
Think twice
Look back

She’s gone


Unrefined writing
As pure as the thoughts that birthed such words

Where does the original sin begin?

Between the synapse and the spine?
Somewhere in the tongue or forearm?

Where does the disconnect come in?

Everyone arrives experienced
Loss of innocence the only gradient
Humility and honor worn as badges
From the battles life wages

Raise your frequency!
Write the words the world needs at times like these

When strangers find reason to believe
Anyone else is considered less human than being
When poetry carries the value of chicken stock
But corporations are considered more human than the consumer

And that’s just how it rolls
Out from the mind of the man
Out from the factory to the hand
Into the thoughts of the reader

Industrial revolution-like writing
Unrefined, worth almost every dime


She walks in
Like rock n roll
In red high heels
Riding hips like lightening

Most deer get froze
Caught in the gaze of her fire tail
Phoenix blazing behind

I can’t help but spend one moment
Lost in the thought
Of how she gets down
After a few drinks out on the town
Around midnight

Where inhibitions and intuitions collide
Like a man intent on destruction
Wondering where he went there
Lost in that thought

She walks by
Like the second coming of rock n’ roll
Wearing red hot high heels
Hips crashing like thunder
Like she owns the place
Every door she enters

I can’t help but to think for one moment
Before it’s just the headlights of reality and me
Dancing in the dark
High on desolation
And the only emotion foreign to me
Is resistance

Our eyes meet
And for one moment
I can see

She walks on
And there I am
Writing poetry
Drinking beer and whiskey

With only my pen in one hand
And my cock in the other