HAVE YOU HEARD!? I ‘m currently writing 100 poems in 30 days for the month of April, also known as National Poetry Writing Month, or‪#‎NaPoWriMo‬. Please take a moment to read my poetry, share your thoughts, and share my work! I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!


Minutes, time measures
Tiny in grand scheme, breathe deep
One more nearby waits


We’re the ones they warned you about
Staying up late at night, far past any reasonable hour
High on philosophy and love, talking Kerouac and Kafka
Belligerent on the thought of another coming of rock n’ roll
We’re beyond reproach, because most of the time
We don’t give a damn… Happy?
It’s what we’re made of, understand?
Without blame, without aggression
Without time, without heaven
We’re the sweet demons your mother warned you of
The one’s your father swore to hell if he ever met us
We’ve got dust behind our heels
And chins up in front of us
All the time in the world to burn this planet back to ashes
We ain’t the time to wait for a second coming of lust
We’re the ones they were told to warn you about
But, had anyone known any better
They’d have sent you to us sooner
You’ll learn the truth sure enough
We all eventually do
Come along


The last poem before bedtime
The perfect way to fall asleep

Writing my daily life away
Leaving all consciousness at the door
Along with the page

No baggage in my mind
Not a moment I can carry
Leave it all to yesterday
Before tomorrow dreams on
Without me

Almost as good as the 1st cup of coffee
The last poem of the day
Is a relief only the mad writer
Understands too well

Write it up, drink it down
A few lines of passion before bed
The quietest space for the poet
To drown