In case you have not heard, I am currently writing 100 poems in 30 days for the month of April, also known as National Poetry Writing Month, or #NaPoWriMo.  Please take a moment to read my poetry, share your thoughts, and share my work! I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!


Stop watering your lawns

Tear up these beasts of the yard
Grow vegetables, not weeds
Actually, grow marijuana
Anything besides grass

When’s the last time
You valued walking barefoot
In your own damn yard?

Stop wasting our water
Stop wasting your time
California needs us
Now more than ever

Stop watering your lawns
Replace them with crops

Sustain our beautiful future
There’s no time like draught


I’m addicted to ESPN

It’s not my fault
I’m just a sports fanatic
Seeking athletics everywhere

Lay it on me

Football, baseball, basketball, hockey
Futbol, tennis, volleyball, golfing
Rugby, racing, MMA, boxing
Cricket, x-games, gymnastics, and bowling

I want it all
All the time

Underdogs down to the wire
Clutch heroics under pressure
Nil-nil defensive battles

Wasn’t my fault
I entered high school

One of my greatest life accomplishments
Is piercing our (asshole) varsity quarterback
In an impromptu throwing contest after P.E.
With two daggers through his coverage
To none through mine

You name it, I’ll play it
In a perfect world
I’d be playing sports
From sunrise to bedtime

Instead, I’m addicted to ESPN
Easiest way to get my high