In case you’ve been out of the loop, I am currently writing 100 poems in 30 days for the month of April, also known as National Poetry Writing Month, or #NaPoWriMo.  Please read, enjoy, share your thoughts, and share my work! Would greatly appreciate it.


Teething’s not for the weak
I wouldn’t wish it upon my favorite enemies

Thank goodness we cut through
While we’re too young to remember
Too innocent to curse god

I can’t imagine
The excruciating pain
That every little baby must endure
To chew food in the future

Long nights and lots of crying

It’s nights like these when a parent
Truly earns their stripes


I don’t believe
Jesus was the son of god
I believe
We all are the sons and daughters of god

I don’t believe
Jesus was the messiah
I believe
Jesus was the greatest shaman alive

I don’t believe
Jesus was born immaculately
I believe
All children are born without sin

I don’t believe
In the Christian faith
Or any religion for that matter

I believe
Jesus was a man
And love conquers all

I believe
There’s Jesus-nature in all of us

I believe
We have the power to work miracles

I believe
Jesus worked hard to nurture his essence, energy, and spirit
And I don’t believe
Important religious figures want us to know the truth
For the power we would harness would open eyes
Bring a new conscious to the collective minds

I believe
Jesus was a man
Tapped into the universe