Enjoy the three latest poems in my #NaPoWriMo adventures.  This year, instead of writing one poem every day for the entire month, I have challenged myself to write 100 poems by May. Let me know what you think of the new works!

Karaoke Night

Keep the music loud
Keep the classics coming

Let all the singers sing
And the lyric lovers read

Karaoke, homie

If you don’t like it
Grab another round
Sing something else
Ain’t no matter to us
We’re going to keep on singing
Until last call

Belt out or shut it up
Sign up to sing and get down
With your bad thang

There’s a party here tonight

Everyone’s invited
Door’s always open

Don’t hold back, rock star
Welcome to karaoke

Slow Death

Don’t fall in love
Don’t get married
Don’t have children
It’ll kill you alive


I’m not sorry
For being so turned on
By you

You are a fine beauty
Irreplaceable, irreproducible
No one can capture truly
One single moment

Floating away like clouds on a funny day
The way they can mean something from so far
Condensation passing by
Overhead, away

I’m not sorry for wanting you precious sex
I’m not sorry for being blessed with an excess (of energy)
I’m not sorry for falling in love complete
I’m not sorry for being me

I am unapologetic
I officially un-apologize
I never meant for this experiment to go so right
But here I am, dancing on the tightrope over enlightenment
And earth, my self, never seemed so far away
But that’s okay

When you decide to turn years of study into practice
Expect your tantra to test you

You won’t see her coming

Alive, turned on by your smile
Something in your eyes
No reasons why
Maybe because we’re both resigned
In love with life
And that’s all that matters

To pass on the smiling tradition is a beauty
Only the impassioned understand truly

No words, no currency
No spark necessary

Light me up
I’m ready to go
A moment’s notice, please
Before I blow
Not sorry