Enjoy my adventures in writing for NaPoWriMo (Day 2) as I try to write (and finalize) 100 poems in the 30 days of April.


Good Morning, World

I missed you

Nestled in your energy
Draped by moonlight
I dream
Of your love
Of another day
Of waking

Good morning world

Thank you sunshine
Thank you atmosphere
Thank you flora, fauna
Thank you everyone

Without you
We’d sleep forever
With good reason (excuse)

With you
We thrive
With you
We rise

Good morning, World

Smile and shine



I don’t get how someone can be so dense
I don’t understand how difficult ‘thank you’ can be

Were you raised by baby boomers?
How else can you explain such interpersonal ignorance?

It’s the difference between asking and being offered
Demanding and being granted

I just don’t get it sometimes
I just don’t get you

Maybe I’m not worth a few minutes of your day
Maybe I’m worth a whole lifetime
Who’s to say?

One person’s trash
Another person’s relationship

Here I am cleaning
The pieces of my marriage

Expletives on my mind
Niceties on my lips

You got lucky, babe
I got you