Alright! We’re halfway there! I’m a few poems behind pace but steadily keeping up in this race. I can sense the homestretch coming on strong and am confident I can write 100 poems in 30 days for NaPoWriMo. Stay tuned and follow my progress here at! As for now, enjoy the new stuff.


Boxers? Briefs? Me? Both.
Bitches wear boxer briefs. Would
Know. Wore them. Was one.


I need a dog

I’ve now lived too long
Without one

Can’t think of a childhood moment
That doesn’t include a few dogs always back home

I think I need a home

Since college, it’s been one place after another
And now that I’ve lived in the same place for four-whole years
I couldn’t help but get comfortable

Three cats are cool, yeah
But a feline will never be a canine

I need a dog
A companion
Someone who takes the good with the bad
A friend

Can’t get that from a cat
No matter how cool you act
They’re always going to judge you
And that’s just not what I’m looking for in a pet

Just love
That’s all I want

Maybe a shepherd, or a lab
I’ll even take a pug

It’s gotten that bad

I need a dog


Don’t let the smile fool you
I’ve got no reason to stay up waiting
Been busy keeping it together the last 14 hours
I don’t have 10 more to spare
But, I used to
Not too long ago, either
Not too long ago, my fire died
Only a smoldering wick stays alight
Smoke still dances above my extinguished hopes
I know I am not getting lucky any time soon
What else do I have to live for?
A good night’s sleep? Hah!
Ain’t no matter to me
Not without passion
What’s the value of a smile to you?
Lest it be true
I’ve got no reason to stay up waiting for you
Knowing you only bring CO2
And I need oxygen
To burn