So, in case you haven’t noticed, we are almost half way through this awesome (god-awful) National Poetry Writing Month and I am just a hair behind the pace for 100 poems in 30 days … But alas, I will not wither to the pressure.  Though the 2nd half of this month is sure to be more busy than the 1st half, I will persevere and bring you all the poetry you can handle.  Beware.


Stop the Facebook
Up the Twitter
Turn the Instagram
Down your Tinder

Lace your Pinterest
Pump your Spotify
Tout your LinkedIn
Ring your Skype

Forget your Google +
Refresh your Tumblr
Reboot your WordPress
Juice your Grindr

Lose your Waze
Bang your Snapchat
Work your Uber
Judge your Klout

Who are you
When it counts?

Here in person ability, or
Here in profile alone


Writing in bars
Is not the same
As writing in cafes

Hard to explain

A different wavelength
An energetic vein

All depends
On why you came

Drink up, Poet

No way you’re going home


A poet’s going to poeticize
For better or worse
Whether the poet like’s it
Or not

It’s a nature-nurture thing

Like how a doctor’s going to diagnose
Or how a scientist’s going to hypothesize
It’s going to happen

More subconscious than we’re aware of

The essence of a poet
Whose blood is ink
Whose mind sits the well
And body, the feather
Waking life, a canvas

Life, the most beautiful canvas imaginable

Not everyone prescribes the same experiments
To find what’s behind a blank page

A poet’s going to poeticize
Often to the deepest, darkest depths
Of the human condition

If this is not for your constitution
I recommend you seek another profession
Before it’s too late and ‘the poetry’ moves
From the blood into the bones

The point of no return

Also known as
The beginning
To we poets