They’re all written. They’re all typed. And the last of them are just below this little intro. YES! I am talking about the final poems of my month long #NaPoWriMo challenge, wherein I wrote 100 poems in 30 days. (Yes, I just used ‘wherein’.)

The challenge wasn’t easy, and at 1st I wasn’t going to blog them, but figured as I began that I’d need the proof in the end. So I typed them all up and posted them online for the world to see.

Some are certainly better than others. There are definitely themes that run throughout the entirety of the work. It’s also an interesting reflection on the state of my life, as well. It was nice working with poetry again as a medium for introspection in having to write so much madness so frequently.

Thanks to everyone who has cheered me on and kept abreast of my progress. You’re awesome and helped make this journey less painful a joy. Hope you enjoyed the blood, sweat, and ink.

Soooo … now that April’s all through, I’ve gotten thinking … 1k in 1 year?


Dedicate every breath
To a loved one

Every inhale
Breathe them in

Every exhale
Breathe into them

I dare you
To dedicate
One deep breath
In the name
Of someone you love

See what happens next

Just breathe


Learn the limits of your self
As endless

When the world’s going to hold you down 24/7
There’s no reason to believe otherwise

If you don’t stand up for yourself
Who will stand down to you
When necessary?

The time comes quick for defense when defiant
But the difference between defense and action
Is a chasm larger than one poem can handle

Keep your guns close
Your tongue loaded

Never going to know
When you’ll need to draw quickest

It’s the risk we all take
On the edge of limitlessness

Bring rope, fire, and extra clothes
No adventure worth traveling is a cake trek

Find your edge and dance

The music is endless
In between universes


I hunt free-range roses for sport

Beware me driving down your street
Eyes peeled on sidewalk bushes
I thirst for my next kill

I can pop off a stem in seconds
A quick cut, a short prayer

When you take a life
You must always give thanks

Next time you see me carrying a bouquet
Say a prayer for beauty

One by one
I hunt them down

In the name of love
Vein of romanticism
Always on the prowl
I walk the town


Stop being a bitch

Stop avoiding confrontation
Stop not owning up to yourself
Stop accepting ignorance as bliss
Stop not giving a damn

You’re better than that

Stop being a bitch


Hit the mic
Bring the fire
Light it up
Burn the stage
Through the smoke
Crackling applause
Lay the mic
Walk away


Forget the fuss
It’s all yesterday
Too many tomorrows
To get you down
Too long

Fuck it all, sailor
No horizon like the one ahead
Soak in every golden cherry sunset clouds
Then count the stars to sleep

Fuck it all
You know you’ve got
The cock for the job

Forget the fuss
It’s all illusion
Left to yesterday

Relax your shoulders

There’s always tomorrow
To make right
Today’s karma

Forget the fucks
They were never worth
Your love



Sorry if I seem anxious

It’s just too much to bear
Too much to wear right now

I want to be naked

And I know that’s a lot to take on
But, really, only if you’re gravity

Prepare for take off


Is nothing
To fuck with

She’ll dominate you
Before you realize
You’re in submission

Bent over backwards
Buying the next round


Worship my cock
Like a fat kid
Worships cake


Bear it all
Take off everything and dance for me
Unfurl every layer of dead life you’re still dragging
And shake it off in a blaze of passion

Enjoy the breeze
We’re only human

Burn to nothing
Every once in a while


Clap it up
Sing along
Make some noise
Let me know you’re with me

You’re with me, right!?

We’re dynamite
Music is the spark
Dance dangerous

We’re gonna burn this whole mother fucker down

Enjoy a race in heartbeat