Whoa! We’re almost there! It’s been an intense month of writing (and has even spawned ideas of a larger project (i.e. 1000 poems in 1 year!?)) and I’m excited to wrap it all up today.  Only 6 poems left to write in 1 day this month and it will be a successful NaPoWriMo 100!

Enjoy the latest poems and I will keep you posted on 1k.

Long live poetry!


Stop focusing on the frills
Get your eye on the body

Find the one thing
The single step to success
No need to get caught up in the clutter
Of one million little assignments

You’ve got a one-in-a-billion chance
This breath is your last one spent
Are you going to spend it answering emails
Or brainstorming the next big ‘it’ thing?

I’ve never been good at organizing my mind
Only organizing my furniture

Excuse me if I get caught up
In the muck of one million separate thoughts

I’m working on my business-ness
It’s a lot for one creative mind to take on

Enough with the frills
On to the results


Ride her wave of ecstasy
Let her rise and fall with the moans
Bury your hands deep into her bones
Hold on for dear death

She’s an animal of a female
And her kiss is more dangerous than her bite

She’ll consume you
She’ll spit you out
With the rest

She’s a force of nature
She’s Mother Nature, herself
She’s ready to destroy everything
Everyone who dares deny her desires

Accept your fate, romantics
Can’t let these waves get away

Catch her before her fury is gone
These women don’t roll in every day


As a kid, my hand was slapped away
From every computer screen

Nowadays, children are raised expecting
Touch screen everything

I’m already afraid of grandchildren
Technologically speaking


100 poems in 30 days

It’s not impossible
It’s the challenge

Man used to only dream of flight
Now he aims higher

Over 3 poems everyday all of April
Sounds difficult, slightly overwhelming
But no one said they had to be classics
As beautiful as the fallibility of our passions

The beauty’s in the grand hustle
The means

A journey of one million words
More like one hundred poems
Starts with a muse, a vision
An excuse, a mission

The adventures of a poet are not justifiable
By even the most noble or insane
But we write on anyway

It’s what we do
Breathe our blessed art
As if the world depends on it
Because, to us, it’s life and death

This is my declaration (as a poet)
I am back

Not to edit
Not to revise
Not to memorize
But to write

Feels comfortable back in the ink saddle

My Pilot V5 in hand
I will write 100 poems in 30 days

A month of poetry in hand
A lifetime to criticize every line


White V-neck, blue jeans
Americana classic
Wear no clothes to sleep


Hurry up and make your millions

Too many things you want to do
To let earning money stop you

Work harder
And smarter

You’ve invested tens of millions
Of breaths to this experience
To not make a few bucks
Off your growing pains

Hurry up
Make those millions
Why stop there
Make your billions

Too many things you want to do
None of which cost a dime

Get there


Crave my sex
I want you to want me
Drink me in
I want to intoxicate you
Warm your blood
Awaken your senses
Powder in sweat
Hush in breath
Crave this
In body


If it weren’t for coffee, weed, and beer
I’d be a highly dangerous individual

Thanks to these three substances combined
I am a fully functional superhero in real life

Now with opposable thumbs and cape


Lens cover removed
ISO decided
Shutter speed in standby
F-stop devised

We’re all one thousand words
In photo-luminescence

Moments flash by like diamonds
Precious from every angle

Rarely regarded until relegated
From full color to black and white

Like a sniper, the shutter snaps on exhale
Knowing a picture missed is a beast untamed

Camera at the ready
Pulse poised
Arms up, stance steady
Focus achieved

Through my viewfinder
Lighting and space
Become my clay

Chaos composed
With no photoshop

Memories captured

Past you can hold