Been a little slow posting lately, I know, but I haven’t slowed down my writing. Currently, it’s April 28th, and I’ve officially written (and finished) 84 poems to date and am eyeing my goal like a hawk eyes prey in the field.

Oh yeah, I also turned 30 years old since my last post here.  Enjoy the latest poems.

Time to finish strong.


You can’t focus on the people who didn’t come
When so many loved ones showed up

This isn’t about you
It’s only your birthday, after all

Get over yourself

Cheers to tonight
Cheers to tomorrow morning
Cheers to us

I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for all of you
In your own special ways

I don’t have the time to explain
But each of you arrived
Right on time

Thank you
I love you

This is isn’t about me
I’m just a reflection

You are my muse


Forgive me
For my libido’s insatiable passion
For I do not apologize
For I am only expressing my essence

Forswear who you thought I was
For I am sex, for goodness sakes

Forfeit all inhibitions
Forgo all formalities
Force orgasm everywhere
For all the right reasons
Foreign or formulated

Forgive my pleasures
Forget your reservations
For I can lose myself
Forever in your loving

Forsake all hope
Fortify your soul
Fork no tongue

Fornicate the world


Make the time

People are passing by too quickly
And iPhone cameras are only so quick
Have only so much memory

It’s time to make the time

Split every second into subatomic pieces
Divide every piece even further
Put down the smartphone
And live here a little

There’s value in the slow down
Destinations still await you
In the karmic distance

Stop blaming our metric system of time
Start blaming yourself

It’s not about having the time
It’s about making it

No excuses

There is only now
And not now

Make the most
Of right now


It’s not poetry I’m writing
It’s my minds story I’m capturing


Sanity comes with a price
An obligation

In the end
Everyone’s finding
Their way
Into my ink


Wake up roulette

I never set my alarm anymore
I have an 18 month old at home

Sometimes it’s sunrise
Sometimes it’s earlier
Sometimes it’s 9am
Sometimes it’s lunchtime

Whenever she wakes up
I wake up, too

No choice, really

Either awaken to her cries
Or my wife wakes up
On the wrong side

She’s on night watch
You decide

See you around 7
Most likely


I used to want 7

As I jelq eighth-inch
After quarter-inch
Towards my goal
I start to want 8

Is that bad?

Guess I’m cocky
Like that

You’re welcome

No fucks given


I find peace today
Turning 30

I’ve prepared myself
For this decade
For years

Still so far to go, I say
And still so far to go

I am the earthquake

I am the waves


Not tonight
I can’t handle it

Promises of lust made
To celebrate my birthday
Crash like expectation
As your time this month
Lands, now, on my day this year

I’m far past disappointment
Already in the throes of depression
Not much you can really do to me

Turn me on

Lord knows
You won’t be
Even trying

Fuck me