Jason Brain

5′ 7″ Brown Hair, Blue Eyes
Hometown: Sherman Oaks, CA
Education: B.A. Liberal Studies
Relationship Status: Married
Social Security #: ***-**-****
Belief System: Love
Political Party: Creativity
Hobbies: Breathing, Writing, Sex
Diet: Omnivore
Teams: 49ers, Clippers, Angels, Ducks
Inspiring Numbers: 3, 11
Dream Job(s): SportCenter Host, SNL Writer/Actor
Tattoos: 2
Stitches: 9 / Fractured Bones: 3+ / Concussions: 1
Superpower: Turn to Light
Favorite Color: All
Pseudonym: Jamison Danger
State of Mind: Creatively Loud, Dangerously Quiet

Current Bio

Native Angeleno Jason Brain’s favorite hobby is breathing. When he’s not breathing, Jason is an up-and-coming spoken word poet and creative arts advocate. His 1st published collection of poetry, Mix Tape Collection I: Original Poetry, is now available to the public on Amazon.com from Poetry In Motion Publishing House. His 2nd “Mix Tape”, Songs In The Key of Revolution, will be released in 2014.

Jason is also a Visual Artist focused in photography and geometry; a theatric playwright; and is also the creator of Soapbox International, a multifaceted creative arts organization dedicated to ‘encouraging creativity and empowering artists.’ Learn more about Soapbox at www.spbx.org.

Jason also enjoys making time for sports, meditation, and the little things in life (like beautiful sunsets, good friends, and delicious coffee) in between it all.  He hopes to meet you soon.

“Jason is not only a host but a talented and prolific poet and spoken word artist with several chapter books available. Inspired by human interactions, gestures and all forms of natural expression, his craft is always delivered in a sincere, dramatic and passionate light.”

Apryl Skies

Writer, Examiner