We fall in love too quickly
Sitting passenger side
Out car windows passing passersby
Behind the wheel

How weak wills become when eye contact
Lasts a little longer than expected in the equation of life

Where are we going so fast?
We hardly know ourselves, yet
We expect the world
Of our love

No destination in mind
We rewrite the street signs
In our own handwriting
Defying the odds like we decry the law
Because planes of existence, like the rules
Were made to remain unspoken

And that’s why it’s so dangerous
This crazy little thing called love
She takes so many shapes
Always known by the same one name

We fall in love so quickly
We fall in love too quickly

In the flip of a switch
We can’t distinguish between
Where our relationships begin
And our identities relent

Where do we end?

We fall in love too quickly, they say
I ask, why don’t we rise
In love, instead?

– Jason Brain 2015