What’s up Party People,

I am back to real life.  The last two weeks have been a complete blur.

IMG_2738Two weeks ago, I went on a fantastic week long cruise up and down the California Coast.  It was my first ever cruise and I must say I’m hooked.  Princess Cruises definitely has me sold.  The reason for the cruise?  My awesome wife officially has her Masters in Behavioral Therapy.  Yup!  So proud of her.  All in all, the cruise included tons of food, lots of sun and relaxation, and fun entertainment.  Made some great friends and am already looking forward to our next trip on the seas.

And now, the part of the trip I was dreading.  The turn-over.

We got back to land mid-day Saturday.  What did I have to do the following Sunday morning?  I had to catch a flight out of LAX at 6:30am for Philadelphia.  What’s in Philadelphia?  Why, only the largest lighting expo in the world, Lightfair International.

From Sunday to Thursday night, I led the Ciralight team into, through, and out of a week informing everyone of the incredible benefits of the Ciralight SunTracker.  (Seriously, check them out.)  This was the first convention I had ever been the only representative from the company, working with local dealers to handle the crowds in the booth.  I set up the booth, handled all the booth shifts, with tiny breaks,  and was rewarded by winning best booth in the Daylighting Pavilion.  I was shocked.  That put some wind in my wings.  I finished the week strong, tore down the entire booth, and was out of there.  Except, I fucked up.

IMG_2925You see, I had booked myself a little thin.  The expo finished at 3pm et.  After 3pm, we start tearing down and wait for the (asshole) union labor to lift the hall carpets so our crates and pallets can be brought back to the booths with forklifts for packing.  Well, as you may or may not know, this is a complete crap shoot.  Sometimes, your stuff’s back immediately, sometimes it takes 6 hours.  I took my chances and booked myself a Thursday 8:30pm et flight back to LA; 5.5 hours after the show closed.  Unfortunately, I booked myself for Friday 8:30pm.  Now, this wasn’t a big deal, except I had plans for the weekend; Carpinteria State Beach for birthday camping.

Shitty part soon, I ended up having everything packed and ready for shipment by 6pm et.  I would have made that (fucking) flight.

So, I found a cheap hotel near the airport to get there nice and early to catch as early a flight back home as possible.  Maybe even the 10am et flight back; arrive home at 1:30pm pt.

Well, no luck.  I was able to bump it down to 4pm et.  But (long story short) 5 minutes in the US Airlines protocol kept me from tat 10am et departure.  I digress; after 8 hours of enjoying all that Philadelphia International airport has to offer, I was onto my 6 hour flight back home to Los Angeles.

Upon arrival, me and my wife, Crystal, made a quick stop home, packed the car, and left for Carpinteria.  Our good friends, Johnny and Meg, were still awake waiting for us as we got there at 10:30pm.  They’re awesome.  That Saturday was my official 28th birthday and I enjoyed it immensely.  Relaxed by the beach, drank beer at the local Island Brewing Company tasting lounge, and kicked it by ocean breezes and campfire smores.  I, personally, love waking up there in the morning.  It’s the Carpinteria mornings I can’t put into words; can only attempt to through poetry.

IMG_2945Then, Sunday came and it was back home for me.  It had been a whirlwind two weeks but an incredible two weeks.  The only down point was that we had to cancel two weeks of Soapbox Sessions.  But we’re back again tomorrow night.  Oh man, I hope everyone’s ready.  It’s gonna be good.

More post to come; more frequently, too.

Much love.