I’m on and off
At the same time

In standby, but
Receiving and transmitting
Just the same

No light signal
No sounds or noise
No time in this moment
No threat to say the least

I’m on and off
I’m here and gone
I’ve got prospects around every corner
And got perfection right where I stand

I’m just a vessel
A medium to be bringing
The frequency to a space near me

Coming soon

Satellites in daylight
Sunshine at nighttime

I’m on when you can’t see me
Off right in front of your face

Harmony’s illusion
A moment only
A moment ago

I’m on and off
At the same time

Don’t try to hold this election to the cloud

We’re jumping from level to level
In a world with no end, and
Everything begins again

Infinite 1-ups
Never enough life

Get on
Get off

– – –
Jason Brain