Drink her
Do not be afraid

Her power remains
In fear and love

Soak in her essence
Our skin moans like a sponge
Ready to absorb all passion
And be wrung in one felt squeeze

How one gives and another takes
For a muscle cannot contract
Without another’s extension

Expand love woman
I will contract

You’ve got life in you, lying dormant
Something I can only imagine
For I am only key, insignificant
Compared to the weight of lock of the door

Unafraid of your expression
I seek every stroke your feather can exercise
Finding meaning becomes clearer
When true to your self in every stanza’s line

My temple worships daily at your altar
For grace and life, no gods
Besides ourselves

I seek not love
I seek reason for breathing
Can you be?

Eternal youth be gone
I want eternal moments
Can you be?

I live, not by what I sense
I die by that which I may never experience

– – –
Jason Brain