I’m a dirty romantic

I fall in love too easily
With the architecture of back alleys
I live amongst the treetops
Tower over skyscrapers
I dream from the womb
Of the oxygen in my lungs

I’m a dirty romantic

Dancing for dirty rain
Blowing etheric smoke rings nag champa
I am revolutionizing the art of breathing deeply
And refusing, refuting any rumors I’ve gone hipster

There’s no greater threat to our way of life
Than corporations and hipsters

Call me what you will
Ecept hippie or hipster, because
I[‘m a dirty romantic
And you don’t have a death wish

I don’t care if yo can’t handle this, but
I will give all my attention if you can

I practice dirty romaniticism daily
Don’t get in my way; that’s a warning
I’ve got waves to make; tides to carry away
All semblance of hope, of humanity
Swimming against the rip to get close to my shore

I’m a dirty romantic

Not even my arents could do anything about that

You’ve been forewarned
I’m coming for you

Prepare yourself
For my love

I’m a dirty, dirty romantic

How do you like it?

~ Jason Brain, 2013