Don’t fear the dirt
It’s here to give your feet firm footing
To lend itself to your roots
Bearing the weight of the world of dust

Dirt wants to be your friend
It is you who makes it so morbid
It is you who says it is less than perfect
It is you who has made it so unappealing to your soles

Dirt just wants a hug
Dirt stands strong where you stand
Dirt gives a foundation for the seas, the atmosphere
And we will never give it the respect it’s due
Until dirt cleans up its act

Maybe it’s time we look at ourselves, though
Realize it is us doing dirt the disservice
Wrapped inside our hydrogen peroxide mindset
Deeming dirt the worst of the land, as if
It could fight back willingly

Don’t’ fear, dirt
You are not demonized by all of humanity
All of humanity does not come from a land of a god named wi-fi
You aught to know

Dirt, I love you
And though we haven’t been as close
As we used to be when I was a child, I’ve been
Yearning to get as close to you again
As those memories in my head

Keep me here, dirt
Grounded to your hearth

People, don’t fear the dirt
Your judgement loses
By the moment

Dirt is your friend

No need to be the stain
That changes that

~ Jason Brain, 2013