3. Bouncing A Ball

James / Jim

House Driveway; Late Afternoon

James is bouncing a ball to himself. Jim enters opposite James and stands a few lengths apart. James takes off his jacket and puts it down. Jim stretches as James gets ready. The two guys begin bouncing the ball back and forth.

James:    So let me get this straight; it wasn’t even yours in the first place?
Jim:     Nope.
James:    After all that trouble?
Jim:     Yup.
James:    After all that fuss?
Jim:     Yup.
James:    Damn; after everything you had to put up with? Man…

Jim holds the ball, stopping the game, and stares at James.

James:    I’m sorry, I’m sorry. We can talk about anything else. Anything else. I dunno; what do you want to talk about?
Jim:     I dunno. I don’t really wanna talk much; just wanna bounce this ball.

Ball bouncing resumes.

James:    That’s cool. We can just bounce the ball. I’m having fun. Lots of fun. Whatever you want, man. Let’s just bounce this ball.
Jim:     Thanks.

The two guys bounce the ball a few more times in silence.

Jim:     So, how have you been lately? It’s been a while.
James:    It has. But things are good. Real good, in fact. Except, I got this one thing kinda scaring me down by my lower groin-upper thigh region, if you catch my drift. You know-
Jim:     Mind if we just bounce the ball?
James:    No, no, no, not at all.

The guys bounce the ball a few more times in silence.

James:    So, if you don’t mind me asking… why didn’t she just tell you before the miscarriage?

Jim throws the ball at James with a full wind up.

James:    What!? Honest question!
Jim:     Yeah?! Honest answer.

Jim turns and leaves; exits.

James:    Oh c’mon!

James follows; exits.