Wake me up

I’m asleep for all the wrong reasons
They say I lie dreaming as if in completely different seasons
But there’s no excuse left
On a path headed for least resistance, I rest
Believe me, this

Towards a future brighter than any tomorrow
Shining finer than twilight in your eyes, delighting
Every sense left alive within myself, a shell
One vessel of life, of levels, handed one goals
To be happy enough to extol only love
Believe this, please, you must

We’re on a path destined for greater things
And upon deaf ears we’ll scream just to sing
Because we are more than mere human beings, you see

Wake me up
Now here’s a new idea

Let’s plant a garden with only conscious seeds
And take the time to pluck all the destructive weeds
Be ready to reap this beauty so fully, so sure
Not a drop of water was wrought with negativity, so pure
So each thought may blossom into full bloom
Into flowers of a fruit that will defy relativity

Wake me up

I’m asleep with no good reason to still be dreaming
Reality’s flavors have got everything on
Anything imaginary
Believe me

Wake your self up

You want to feel this
Shake it up a bit

Wake me down