Of course I could be better than I am

I’m just one guy trying to find out what it takes to be a man

These plans, though, don’t come with instructions manuals, and

Every year seems like I’m taking just another step, but

In a life built of innumerable stories and paragraphs

Another step’s just another drop in the bucket

So fuck it

I’m doing my best to get better

May not seem like it in every moment

Lo and behold, I don’t announce every time

I do something different; choose to do better

It’s a battle I’m fighting in a war I’m waging

Against myself, within myself, for the world at large

Don’t pull me from the vine before I’m ripe

I’m just a boy in this life trying to get it right finally

Nobody ever said it was going to be easy

Of course, I could be better than I am

Then again, consider me human

Forgive me

I’m with stupid