#25 Haiku

Stop being stupid
Know better than that, c’mon
Do good instead, kid


#26 Last Takeoff

It’s like they knew we were going to die

They aren’t usually overly charismatic
While telling us the safety information before takeoff
But this time was a little more like
Why even bother?

Once we took off
I had a funny feeling about this flight
I say so to myself every time
But this though never before felt
So right

We hit ten-thousand feet
The electronic device light turned off
The seat belt sign stayed on
Then, all of a sudden
The sound of silence

Nothing from every side
Nose diving to the end of our lives
In slow motion, faster than any of us has ever fallen
We were sullen in our descent

The oxygen masks never fell
Our life preservers were no good
The crew continued serving drinks and food
And I simply kept writing poetry

It’s all I could do


#27 Redemption Wave

The Ocean Breeze
Can keep you young
Bring relief to daylight
Redeem under twilight
Will bring you back to quiet
As the waves crash
In the background
Along your shores
Horizon forever more
With the ocean breeze

#28 Destination Home

I couldn’t see myself
With anyone else

I can’t believe I am
Blessed to have found you

I won’t leave this gift
Without giving my own present

I wouldn’t trade this
This life, love, and strife
For anything

Thank you
For being here
Thick and thin
Angel and bitch

I can be a handful
Wouldn’t change a thing

Thank you, again
Without you
I’d only be


#29 Morning Glorified

We awaken in the morning
Open our mind, stretch our arms
Reach for overcast skies, opening up
Bursting with sunlight at the seams
We start fires, we stop yawning
We huddle close as the day begins
Saying goodbye to last nights dreams
Holding onto the sand in our eyes
As if time would end if it were to fall

~ Jason Brain, 2013