Poetry In Motion Announces Inaugural Publication, iWrite: Words & Voices, Release July 11th, 2014

Posted by on Jul 10, 2014

iwrite-front-coverWe are proud and excited to be announcing our first publication, releasing to the public on July 11th.

iWrite: Words & Voices is a two-part anthology by Los Angeles-based poets Jason Brain, C.R. Cohen & Sean Hill. iWrite explores words, art and the creative process through the eyes of these three poets. Words & Voices is comprised of three mini-chapbooks by each of the individual writers, defining and depicting each artist’s voice and philosophy.

iWrite: Words & Voices will be available for purchase on CreateSpace online on July 11th, in person at Soapbox Sessions open mic Thursdays at the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf on Ventura & Woodley in Encino, and from the artists themselves at various poetry locations throughout the Los Angeles area.

Scheduled iWrite poetry features include Soapbox Poets on July 30th, Cobalt Poets on August 19th, and September 7th at the Arcadia Blues Club.

For more on these artists, scroll down to read their bios.


Jason Brain

A lifelong native Angeleno, Jason Brain’s favorite hobby is breathing. When he’s not breathing, Jason is an unapologetic Spoken Word Poet and creative arts advocate. His 1st published collection of poetry, Mix Tape Collection I: Original Poetry, is available worldwide on Amazon.com.

Jason is also a theatric playwright; visual artist focused in photography and sacred geometry; and the creator of Soapbox Nation, an artistic community organization dedicated to encouraging creativity and empowering artists.



Chelsea Cohen

Chelsea Cohen’s love affair with words, cinema and the arts has lead her to many fulfilling places on her creative journey: owning and operating a film production company, teaching creative writing and film, and enjoying the release of her first book of poetry, Beatnik Femme Fatale on Amazon.com.

An arts activist at heart, Chelsea founded Artists Underground in 2010, a creative community offering valuable networking, resources and knowledge to artists through collaborative events and its website, artists-underground.com.

Chelsea will be completing her first novel, Jenny With The Sound Turned Down, in 2014.



Sean Hill

Studying for 8 months in Beijing while performing Theater deeply impacted and enhanced the passion of living Sean Hill wishes to share with the world. His artistry embraces all people while reminding them of why we are beautifully fun beings regardless of what we go through or what we confront inside or out.

He features at festivals across the US and hosts events for youth homes & high schools. He tours with The Ki, a musical ensemble & movement, raising $25,000 in its first Kickstarter campaign. He released his first spoken word album in 2012 while hosting & performing at open mics and colleges and teaching after-school poetry & theater.


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Rue the Night (Poem)

Posted by on Jul 9, 2014

Like sunset
Our lives
Before our eyes

From vivid hues
Subtle shades

We pass away
Breaths like days
Never strays
Nor evades
The reckoning
Of change

Out from darkness
We are born
Between duality
We live
Darkness returns
And we are whole
Once again

Until sunrise
Of course

Rue the night

– Jason Brain 2014


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Tantra Goddess (Poem)

Posted by on May 6, 2014

Grace my tantra
With your
Subtle touch
Love Goddess

I dream
Of reaching enlightenment
Past your jade gate
Deep into your lotus garden

Allow me to expand and contract
Inside deeper dimensions of your breathing

The light of your touch
The seduction from your scent
Bending me, breaking me
In any direction you can erect me

The taste of lust
Upon my tongue
From the bottom of your vulva
Up to the tip of your love button

Let me in

To lap
The juices
Of surrender
Is enough
For some
But baby
I don’t come
For anyone

Run your body down my fingers
Press you lips into my sin
In between breaths, quick death
We lie suspended in bliss
Caught between the fabric of space-time
We leave all reservations back at the big bang
When this was only destiny, and you
Were still divine

Tell me, Love Goddess
When did anything change?

Let’s dive
Together, head first
Inside deeper dimensions
Of reality

No regrets
No resistance
Only us, you and I
Defining our lives
How we like

Won’t you
Grace my tantra
Expand my consciousness
Guide me to the light
Within myself

Won’t you
Make love
Like you
Love to
Make love
Like you
Love to
Be fucked

Allow me
To release you
In to the waterfall
Of kundalini rising
And never look back on times
Or forwards
But to be one
Right now
In body
And mind

Beyond words
Beyond signs
Beyond meanings
You and I
United by one love
One tantra

Your ohm face
Will never be the same

Not if I have anything
To meditate about it

– Jason Brain 2014


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