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Sex, Drugs, & Spoken Word

iWrite: Words & Voices (2014)
Mix Tape Collection: Original Poetry (2012)

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Rue the Night (Poem)

Like sunset Our lives Disappear Before our eyes Fading From vivid hues Into Subtle shades We pass away Breaths like days One Never strays Nor evades The reckoning Of change Out from darkness We are born Between duality We live Until Darkness returns And we are whole... read more

Tantra Goddess (Poem)

Grace my tantra
With your
Subtle touch
Love Goddess

I dream
Of reaching enlightenment
Past your jade gate
Deep into your lotus garden

Allow me to expand and contract
Inside deeper dimensions of your breathing

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Poem: Moon Nightly News

*From the upcoming 2014 poetry release, Mix Tape Collection II: Songs in the Key of Revolution MOON NIGHTLY NEWS Remember when you held your mothers hand Yearning to dance un-tethered in the intersection? Stop now child, and dance This may just be your last chance Before some illicit says it ain’t alright

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Poem: This Is The Story

(From my upcoming book, “Mix Tape Collection II: Songs In The Key Of Revolution”) It’s the beginning of the end of the world as we know it Only one generation’s left to survive Living off water, food, interaction, breath Stimuli, waste, reproduction, and death Soul... read more

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