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Poem: Tease

Cross your legs
No need to get headlong

Quiet glances whisper
More than sweet nothings

Our glances desire
More than human flesh
Our lives need
More than oxygen
At best

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Poem: Rue the Night

Like sunset Our lives Disappear before Our eyes Fading from vivid hues Into subtle shades We pass away Breaths like days One never strays Nor evades The reckoning Of change Out from darkness we are born Between duality we live Until darkness returns, and We are whole... read more

Poem: Cold as the Winter Mountain

Cold as a mountain in winter Her love has fallen quiet Speaks of no desire, lest fire A ring was all her heart conspired Though warmth is hard to come by I sit idly by, hope for a pyre, but Alas, she can’t muster more than a pitance I freeze now, land locked to her... read more

Tantra Goddess (Poem)

Grace my tantra
With your
Subtle touch
Love Goddess

I dream
Of reaching enlightenment
Past your jade gate
Deep into your lotus garden

Allow me to expand and contract
Inside deeper dimensions of your breathing

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Poems To F*ck To

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